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We are happy to help make your weekend event special as well. But that's not at all. We work with vendors and organizations for events, private parties, weddings, and family reunions. We are always happy to help you in organizing a festival, an open market, or a concert. If you care about your guests, that means you will choose us.



Restroom Trailer and Shower Trailer Prices may vary depending on location. However, Capital Rentals WC prides itself on our one-price structure, so you will never have any surprises. In addition, we offer national pricing for our corporate partners, making budgeting easier for you. While trailer size and style will vary depending on our current inventory, we have one of the largest restroom trailer rental fleets in the country, allowing us to meet your needs. And we pride ourselves on luxury restroom trailer rental options that provide a hotel-level experience to visitors and guests, enhancing their experience at your event. And if necessary, we can custom-build any trailer to fit your specifications. Contact Capital Rentals WC for a quote now.



All our porta potty trailers run off a standard garden hose with a minimum water pressure of 40psi and a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute. However, in the absence of such a water supply, trailers can be run off the generous onboard water tanks. Each trailer requires one or two independent and dedicated 20 amp power circuits (no other power can draw on either circuit). However, if you lack an acceptable outlet nearby the trailers can be run off a gas-powered generator. It is your responsibility to have the above items accessible to the restroom trailers or to let us know if you will require onboard water or a generator.

The location of the unit needs to be level and dry. Full access by a truck is required to service the unit/s. Discuss any questions or site concerns that you have with your Capital Rentals WC representative when you call. Unit/s may need to be serviced daily during long events or depending on usage, and these needs are something you can discuss with your Capital Rentals WC customer service representative. Be sure to schedule your free site walk and we can take all the worry out of site placement by ensuring that your restroom trailer can be where you need it when you need it.


 Individual rooms have the following features

1.    Woman's Room

o   Flushing toilets

o   Sink

2.    Men's Room

o   Flushing toilets

o   Urinals

o   Sink

Each room has the following common amenities

    1. Mirrors

    2. Soap

    3. Paper Towels

    4. Toilet paper

    5. Waste receptacles

    6. Linoleum floors

    7. Modern interior design

    8. Spacious separate cabins in which the guest feels protected and private

    9. The booth space is designed in such a way as to be the most comfortable, clean, and hygienic space for the guest.